The Zoh Arête Collective

Discover Your Limitless Potential

The ZOH (Life) Arête (Excellence) Collective is a community of co-creators, thinkers, performers and finders committed to experiencing a life of excellence, integrating a systems-based body, mind and spirit approach to greater “BEING.” We understand life to be a complex adaptive system and achieving the highest levels of performance and function require a similarly complex thinking approach.
Humanity is in a rapidly advancing timeline of moving from separation or victim consciousness to unity or creator consciousness. This is a time when many of us have realized we are the creators of our experience and each decision informs our day to day living. We are discovering our true nature and progressing through the journey from service to self, to service to others and finally into a unified expression where experientially we know that we are local agents of a unified consciousness.

Self-transcendence and self-development inform each other as we diversify the ego with greater degrees of inclusion, perspective-taking, caring, and compassion. Creative change can be discovered by going within ourselves to know the path to our purpose and truth and be the change we want to see on our world.

Current philosophical discussions are focused on linear, isolated approaches to achieve the thriving state. Some of us focus on the mind or consciousness, some on our physiological expression and some on the emphasis of finding purpose. Each of these paths are correct yet without everything merging together into a complex wholeness, the outcome is incomplete. We believe each individual hold within us the opportunity to explore a life of excellence, driven by purpose and precision.

Join us as we explore Hope, Love and Human Performance in the ZOH Arête Collective where we co-create our life expression on purpose, for purpose and with purpose.
The collective is by application only as we want to make sure this is a group well suited for you to thrive. We are also looking for people that commit to being an active participant and understand the truly limitless aspects of life.

Full Time Coaches

Dr. Daniel Stickler 
Dr. Mickra Hamilton
Meaghan Foley
Michael Osterlenk

Once enrolled in the collective, you will receive:

A one-hour live one-on-one with Dr. Stickler and/or Dr. Hamilton ($1000 value) - review your current state, goals, blood work and recommendations on next steps to MORE BEING.

A 30-minute Mindset assessment with one of our performance psychologists ($500 value)

Comprehensive blood testing, the same panel we obtain for our 30-60K medical clients ($600 value) - U.S. residents only. For those out of country this can be added at any time you visit the U.S.

DNA analysis with a 1 hour certified coach review ($250 value)

Genetic Coaching

Our corporation, Apeiron Zoh, is Greek for Limitless Life. At Apeiron, we curate life changing educational opportunities for human systems optimization and enhancement designed to purposefully propel the next phase of our evolution.  We are honored to share our precision performance ecosystem with each and everyone of you. Our training courses leverage over 20 years of expertise utilizing precision performance data to guide you to efficiently upgrade your current expression and experience an antifragile state. We have assembled a team of the world’s most actionable human performance experts. Each instructor has either military expertise or has trained special operations groups and they not only talk the talk, they all walk the walk. The depth and breadth of this collective experience ensures that when you implement the strategies and tactical tips we share with you, you will achieve greater levels of performance. 

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